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Dram Sample Size Perfume Oil
$1 Drams for new SCENTS
I did premade these to ship fast, that's also why I can offer it at a discount!!
PLEASE only ONE per Scent!!
You can get one of each scent!!!
If you order more than one of a scent, I will cancel the extras.  Also Please don’t place multiple orders one after another for just the $1 drams and wipe out the inventory.  I will cancel those orders as well.  I really want everyone who wants one to be able to get it!! So let’s try this again and try some new scents at affordable prices!
Skin safe COSMETIC GRADE high quality 'Perfume Oil'
You will be getting 1 (ONE) dram (1/8th oz.) Perfume oil in the scent of your choice!! These perfume oils are long lasting, just a small dab will last for hours.
You can ALSO burn in light rings or Simmering Pots (with a bit of water) For a wonderful home fragrance! Smells GREAT! Simply add some water to your simmer pot along with a few drops of oil. As the water evaporates add more water!!

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