Valerie's Uncommon Scents

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I know it's hard to choose without trying a scent first. So now you can get 2 free sniffs of any scent you would like to try from the scent list! .

These sniffs are a few drops of fragrance oil on a cotton pad inserted in a ziploc bag labeled with the fragrance name. 

There are 2 ways to get your 2 free smells!!

1) You can get 2 free sniff with a paid order!!  If you enter more than 2 free scents on your order, you will only get the first 2 picked. JUST add to cart the scents you want to try at the top of this page. 

2) If you wants 2 free sniffs without ordering, we are going old school for this.  Send a self addressed stamped envelope to me with your 2 scents choices and a alternate scent choice....and I will send that out asap! No charge! FRee FRee FREE!! Only 2 sniffs per stamped envelope!  Email me at valeries@centurytel.net or use the facebook chat app below for the mailing address. 

When you get the free sniffs, separate them for a few hours,  scents tend to mingle during shipping.  Open the bags and smell the cotton pads,  try again in a few days later after you've let them set a bit.

If you forget to add the smells to your order email me at ASAP at valeries@centurytel.net or use the facebook chat app below and let me know.  If your order, has already been processed sorry your too late to add and these can't be sent separate.