4oz Multi-Spray~ EASY ORDER You pick the Scents

Valerie's Uncommon Scents

$ 5.99 

THIS PRODUCT CAN BE USED for so many things! 4 ounce bottle

Great as a home, linen, car spray...a basic air freshener!!

 Water based so it is also safe for body!! Use it as a light body spray mist!

 Spritz to lightly scent linens.
Spray after shower for a soft subtle scent! Also makes a nice air freshener!
* If your looking for a more stronger longer lasting only for body spray please check out my ebay store for my Hair & body mist! IT'S FANTASTIC & contains nearly 4 times as much fragrance!!
HOW TO ORDER with EASY ORDER You Pick the Scent:
Simply leave a message in the checkout cart with the scents you want these in.  Please be sure to DOUBLE CHECK your completed order when your done, if by weird chance the message didn't send just send me an email direct at valeries@centurytel.net

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