Crochet All Cotton Soap Saver Washcloth made by Jim Bright Blue


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100% cotton yarn hand crocheted by my husband Jim (more on him below)

approximately 4in x 6in

Cotton crocheted soap savers are a great alternative to your everyday washcloth. They can hold a full bar of normal size soap or pieces of left over soap.
Gently exfoliate your skin without leaving it feeling irritated. Since they are made out of natural cotton, they are made for lasting use.

Once all of the soap has been used, you can simply toss it into the washer with similar colors and dry on low heat settings, and it will be ready to use again.

Don't like to use bars of soap!!?? This can also be used as a washcloth/mitt with liquid body soaps!


***My hubby James is a disabled combat Veteran with Ptsd.  He crochets as a way to calm himself from his anxiety.  I wanted you to know simply because I am so so  proud of him.  AND......crocheting keeps him off the countless hours of video games he sometimes does. AND I don't need a thousands blankets, washcloths for myself.  Sales from this will get him more yarn.  Picture shown of him crocheting me my very large throw blanket. (that's not for sale)