EDP Perfume Fragrance Available in 8ml, 1oz, 2oz & 4oz Spray

Valerie's Uncommon Scents

$ 3.99 

Super Strong EAU DE PARFUM

Available in 8ml, 1oz, 2oz & 4oz Spray

This EDP is made super strong containing over 30% Pure Fragrance oil & perfumers alcohol. Highly concentrated making it very long lasting...just a little will keep you smelling great. Perfect size to toss in your handbag!!

Comes in your choice of OVER 400 SCENTS!! Check the menu for 3 pages of scents available!! Just write in your choices from the list!!

Find your signature scent!!


Ilias R. on Dec 03, 2022
This has to be THE STRONGEST perfume I've ever had, match sure you're absolutely sold on your scent of choice because once you spray this it will NEVER part from you. My left hand has smelled like Exhale for 7 hours now and I'm in heaven but do know, if you're unsure about a scent DO NOT use your skin as a tester. THE SCENT WILL FOLLOW YOU. (I feel like the scent is going to linger long enough to see me through college XD)

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Lasts forever and smells strong
Kai on Sep 20, 2021
I have to say these EDPs are probably some of the best scents I've ever used. For the price, the quality is unbeatable. I much prefer these to my high-end scents, and they lost even longer than my No. 5. One or two spritzes lasted on my shirt for 8+ hours. Peppered Poppys in particular is such a pleasant, spicy scent with the barest hints of floral - perfect for the "leather jacket, Doc Marten with purple laces, band shirt, plaid pants, blue hair,' Alternative Aesthetic. Banana Coconut is warm and tropical without smelling like scented soap and it's not overpowering; and unlike other banana scents, does NOT smell like taffy. It smells like a nice warm Fiji breeze. Highly recommended, PLEASE treat yourself. 11/10, prefer this over Chanel, Shisheido, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. Clean scent, no greasy residue, no effect on dyed clothes. She also used super cute washi tape to seal the EDP spray tops, which I think is genius. Did I have bills to pay? yeah. Did I spend $80 in total on perfumes? yeah. AND ID DO IT AGAIN. 'good soup'.

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Would buy again
Dan on Feb 06, 2021
I'm very happy with the scents I picked out! The quality is excellent; long sillage and wear time with these perfumes. Will try more in the future, thank you!

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Angel on Nov 29, 2020
Love all of these perfume oils! The Lush ones are SO good! I decided to try some other scents and I love them too. They really have long lasting power. I really enjoyed Monkey Fart, and lemon cake.

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Love it!
Beth on Jul 03, 2020
So I'm trying to find a specific sent one which is sweet with a little spice (describing sents is hard). I have tried other ginger sented fragrances before and all have been dull or off from what I'm looking for but the ginger spice was on the mark! I also got this in sugar cookie and apart from getting instantly hungry I ended up liking it the most.

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