GRAPESEED Oil 3oz scented for body, bath even hair!

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Scented Grapeseed Body Oil

3oz pump bottle

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(pic. shows the bottle label is goat lotion...Just showing bottle type, you will get the grapeseed oil)

Simply just grapeseed oil and your choice of scent! Great for massage, adding to your bath or using on your body.  Personally, I've always preferred oil over lotion! I even add a drop or 2 to my hair for smoothing it out and leaving it smelling great!  THIS is NOT as highly concentrated scent as a perfume oil, it is lighter in scent, but will leave you smelling great!!


Why Grapeseed Oil?

Its thin viscosity allows it to easily absorb into the skin without leaving greasy residue.

The fatty acids in grapeseed oil make it a great moisturizer. It forms a protective barrier on the skin and prevents the loss of moisture.

Grape seed oil can be applied in all skin types, since its comedogenic grade is 1, which means that the chance of clogging pores is very low.

Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E.