Current Shipping Time

12/8/23:  You all are keeping me busy!! LOVE!! THANK YOU!! 

Orders can take 2-3 days to ship!! Working daily to get the orders out!! AS of today I am 100% caught up.

USPS Major Delays: I'm hearing that USPS is having delays already for the holidays! BE aware that some packages are only getting a scan when I drop off and when its delivered.  This is normal for this time of year.  


I will be home working until January 2024! No more delays till then!! In January (slowest month of the year) I plan on closing for a few weeks!! I'll be gone from Jan 10th- Feb. 5th. That's my next big trip with hubby!


When I’m home I ship fast, most orders are shipped in 1-2 business days. Sometimes larger orders take a little longer! I work every day!

When husband & I became empty nesters in 2019, we wanted to travel as much as possible. So that’s the plan!

I plan on taking every trip/cruise/adventure I can when I can!! Short trips.... long trips. Check here for current shipping times. If I'm gone longer than a week, I will also put a big post at the top of every page and post on Facebook. That way you can order before I leave!

I also really enjoyed the giveaway of the Tulip from Amsterdam!! I want to shop for you while I'm on my adventures so keep an eye out for more of those!! Little somethings from my travels. You can also follow our adventures on Youtube "Adventures of Jim & Val"