Current Shipping Time

4/12/24: Did most of today’s orders. Will be home working all weekend, packing this weekend for Mondays mail!!


Thank you!!



I will be away & NOT shipping April 27th - June 15th

Items will be taken off the website so nobody can purchase anything.  IF you see items for sale that means I'm still open and shipping.  I may stay open a couple days longer. 

YES a very very long trip again overseas! Italy, Greece, Spain & France! Will also be stopping by the Fragonard Parfumeur in Eze France!! Exciting!

I will be having sales all month of April to get ready to close up.  Like last time I will take down all my store items until about 2 weeks before I get home. 

I will be shopping for you while overseas!!

Last time I brought back some candy and a small tulip coin purse from Amsterdam.... I'm thinking some pretty soaps from Fragonard Parfumeur and whatever I can find. I will post a picture on facebook page when I find that perfect something!!  Whatever I get will be raffled off to anyone who places an order when I reopen and till shipping resumes. (About June 5th) more info on that to come!! Last time it was a 1 in like 60 chance!!

Thank you all for putting up with my long closures so I can live life like there is no tomorrow!!!

Please Read: 

When I’m home I ship fast, most orders are shipped in 1-2 business days. Sometimes larger orders take a little longer! I work every single day!

When husband & I became empty nesters in 2019, we wanted to travel as much as possible. So that’s the plan!

I plan on taking every trip/cruise/adventure I can when I can!! Short trips.... long trips. Check here for current shipping times. If I'm gone longer than a week, I will also put a big post at the top of every page and post on Facebook. That way you can order before I leave!