Aroma Bead Sachets


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 Aroma Bead Sachets

These will only come in the scents listed!!

Use these scented Aroma Bead Sachets wherever you need a burst of fragrance. The scented beads are a lovely alternative to candles or spray fresheners.

This sachet is highly scented with Fragrance.  Each sachet comes with 1 oz of scented beads in an ivory bag.

Toss a bag in your car, place them in drawers, put them in your luggage when traveling, use them inside your gym bag- anywhere you need a pleasant fragrance or need to replace stale odors. They make great gifts for bridal showers and wedding showers. Use them for stocking stuffer. The bags also look great in a pretty dish in the kitchen or bathroom.

Aroma beads hold up to 40% of their weight in fragrance oils, and will keep their scent for 3-5 months depending on the scent, exposure and climate. The bags can be shaken or stirred every now and again to refresh their wonderful scent. Air circulation is very important with aroma beads.  The scent throw is not as strong as a heated source such as a candle. 

CAUTION: Keep away from children & pets. Do not allow beads to come in contact with painted or lacquered surface. Beads contain oil which can harm surfaces.