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$ 25.00 

Gift Cards

Special!!! 4 FREE dram samples ($10 value)

Buy a gift certificate April 25, 2024 through May 29th, 2024.  Redeem the gift certificate after June 5, 2024 and you get a total of 4 free dram samples in your scent choices! 

*add 4 FREE drams to cart when redeeming your gift certificate! Simple as that!

Gift Certificates do not expire! 

An email will be sent with your gift card info as soon as purchase is complete!!  

You can use more than one gift certificate per transaction.  Coupon codes can be used with gift certificates! 

Need help recovering a lost gift card!! I'm here to help send me an email at valeriesuncommonscents@gmail.com and I will get that resent to you


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