Bath & Massage Oil 3oz Pump

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Bath & Massage Oil

3oz pump bottle

(pic. shows the bottle label is goat lotion...Just showing bottle type, you will get the Bath & Massage oil)

As a Massage Body Oil:

Easily glides across & melts into the skin without leaving behind any greasy, sticky residue. Leaving you feeling hydrated and smelling great!!

as a BATH OIL: 

This isn’t like other bath oils, instead of sitting on top of water or beading up, it’s able to be mixed thoroughly with water to deliver ultimate hydration. Because of this, this Massage Oil can also be used as a skin-boosting bath additive.

Simply pour the oil directly into warm water and watch as it effortlessly mixes turning the water into a creamy white spa experience. The combination of warm water and soothing oil opens up the pores and provides deep penetrating hydration that eliminates dry skin while delivering vitamins and nourishment to plump, restore, and moisturize the body.


THIS product is NOT as highly concentrated scent as a perfume oil, it is lighter in scent, but will leave you smelling great!!

 Ingredients:  Soybean Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Kernel Oil, Grape Seed Oil, PEG-40 Sorbitan Peroleate, Rice Bran Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Sunflower Extract, Tocopherol. fragrance &/or Essential Oil.