6/26 New Scents!! AND MORE ADDED 7/5

Salt Shaker: fresh, salty, lime along with hints of flowery pineapple aromas and a base of warm vanilla.

Mahogany Teakwood: the scent of earthy, wood accompanied with the scent of fresh fruit and flowers from a nearby field.

Chocolate Con Churros: Its been almost a decade since I've had this scent in stock!!! YUMMM  fresh pastry churros with warm notes of creamy dark chocolate and vanilla.

Amber Waters:  woodsy, sexy, masculine scent with top notes of pink grapefruit, Italian bergamot, and red berries, followed by middle notes of white lilies, lavender, and a marine accord; sitting on base notes of golden amber, patchouli, and guaiac wood.

Salted Caramel Frappe:  top notes of coconut, fresh brewed coffee, lemon zests, and sea salt, followed by middle notes of Sumatra dark roast, cocoa powder, and caramel butter; all sitting on base notes of sweet cream, vanilla, and brown sugar.

Sunday Brunch: It's Sunday morning and all your favorite breakfast foods are laid out on the table. The aromas of cinnamon toast, bacon, pancakes, and maple syrup flood your senses.

Lavender Chamomile Huggies Type: Back by customers requests!! LOVE this one! lavender, chamomile, orange, eucalyptus, cedarwood, musk, and hay.

Vanilla Tahitian: Carried this scent off and on for 20yrs. I MISSED it, so its back! delicious soft scent of vanilla and coconut. Supporting notes include orange, lily, and rose.

Flowering Sage & Incense: complex & earthy.  notes include orange, lavender, rose, sage, eucalyptus, pine, tonka, patchouli, guaiac wood, cedarwood, and vetiver.

Added 7/5: 

Aloha: tropical delight that combines sweet coconut and juicy island fruits with exotic, and delightfully fragrant native flora of tiare and plumeria flowers.

Fresh Outdoors:
the air, the grass, the dirt, and all of nature's beauty

Ocean Mist:
complex bouquet of carnations, lily of the valley, and hyacinth; underlined by oakmoss and white musk.

Ocean Waves:
a refreshing clean blend with subtle notes of citrus combined with floral notes of jasmine and lavender, with a background of musk and wood notes.

Peppermint Patty:
creamy peppermint and vanilla with a strong down of bitter sweet chocolate.

German Chocolate Cake:
fresh baked chocolate cake with notes of pecans, butter, vanilla, and coconut.

Red Velvet Cake:
top notes of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup, and red currant; followed by middle notes of cocoa powder, buttermilk, and sugar cane; while sitting on base notes of creamy sandalwood, Tonka bean, and vanilla extract

Kerbside Violet Lush Type:
Sweet violet is complimented by some light musk and some wood notes to round it out.

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