Added 12/9

Amber & Fig: Dark, rich and alluring, smell the warmth of ancient amber, sweet vanilla flower, ripe plum and decadent fig

Buttermint Candy: A crisp clean peppermint aroma with hints of vanilla bean

Coconut Frost: aroma of a tropical sea breeze as notes of creamy coconut and whipped vanilla peak through leading to notes of tonka beans and warm musk.

Winter Mittens: notes of fresh air and spearmint tickling your nose. At the heart of this winter aroma, snow-covered berries and pine needles intermingle with base notes of warm woods, moss, and musk.

MORE added 11/30

Baby Bee Buttermilk:
(A light scent) cocktail of luscious fruits such as peaches, mandarin oranges, coconut pulp, bergamot, grapefruit, tropical guava, and tangy lemons

Bay Rum: spicy,
cultural blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, patchouli, and crisp pine needles, with a sweet orange freshness.

Chocolate Cupcake:
creamy top notes of bittersweet chocolate and buttercream; followed by warm middle notes of corn syrup and amaretto; and well rounded with base notes of vanilla sugar, malt, dark cocoa, and espresso powder

Country Clothesline:
The aroma of fresh powder, light musk, and just a hint of fresh spring flowers of daffodils and tulips. Fabric Softener Scent

Clean Crisp Air:
fresh clean air filled with hints of greenery and soft florals.

Innocent Glow:
Head back to those childhood summers at the beach. top notes of ozone & sea salt linger in the air. A warm breeze brings floral notes to life which leads to the comforting aroma of greenery and warm woods.

Island Cabana:
Embodies an island getaway, transporting you to a tropical paradise where anything is possible. Top Notes: Sea Salt Mist, Coconut Water, Pineapple Nectar Middle Notes: Palm Leaf, Melon Blossom, Lotus Flower Base Notes: Sugar Cane, Sun Bleached Driftwood, Amber Sand

Masculine Scent. Notes of Sicilian mandarin, frozen grapefruit peel, and bergamot, followed by middle notes of Sichuan pepper, rosewood, juniper, and rosemary; all sitting on sexy base notes of aquatic accord, citron wood, oakmoss, and sexy musk.

Mai Tai:
Top Notes: Mango, Guava, Hibiscus Middle Notes: Mai Tai Cocktail, Sea Notes, Driftwood Base Notes: Ylang, Sandalwood, Musk

Mango & Coconut Milk:
exotic combination made with sweet mango & creamy coconut milk

Orange Soda Pop:
Smells just like my favorite soda!! A "fizzie", citrus aldehydic explosion of strong Brazilian orange peel, Californian orange, Japanese grapefruit, and Lemon zests sitting on a dry down of vanilla.

wonderful blend of ginger, carnation, orange, vetiver, and musk.

Peach Mango Sangria:
perfect balance of sweet and tangy, with notes of succulent peaches and ripe mangoes swimming in notes of crisp sangria.

Strawberry & Champagne:
sweet blend of red fruits boosted by lily of the valley and apple cider.

Added 11/16

Black Pepper: M. Brown type Spicy black peppercorn is blended with soothing notes of bergamot and rich, earthy oakmoss

Bourboned Pumpkin: aged bourbon, dark rum, vanilla extract and pumpkin puree

Island Christmas: aroma of guava, mango, papaya, and strawberries with a base note of freshly picked peppermint leaf.

Patchouli Musk: This rich, earthy fragrance brings back memories of the '70s. It's the woody aroma of pungent patchouli leaves with a sophisticated musk background.

Pumpkin & Cream: Steamy, creamy latte, infused with warm and spicy notes of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and creamy sandalwood. I

White Pumpkin Amber: An intriguing blend of white pumpkin, coconut, and red berries. At the heart of this aroma are spicy notes of cinnamon and clove along with nuances of amber. At the base of our White Pumpkin Amber Fragrance Oil is a base of cedar, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla


Chocolate Amber: Warm heart of sandalwood & patchouli that blends w/jasmine blossoms. Rich undertones of musk are sweetened w/precious amber & hints of vanilla. A lingering accent of cocoa bean creates a heady twist for the scent.

Monkey Farts: Fresh bananas & juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; & a hint of vanilla as a base note.

Absinthe: star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, melissa, fresh green herbal notes, with base notes of amber & woods

Pink Sugar: top notes of sweetness, sugary lemon drops and pink cotton candy. A fruity light floral middle of red fruit, fig leaves, caramel and raspberry rounds out with soft and sweet vanilla-musk base notes

Been Awhile But Back now:

Amber Romance: Enticing and seductive notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla. VS type

Berry Bewitching Brew: top notes of peach, apricot, and blackberries; middle notes of mandarin, cinnamon, and rose; and nicely balanced with just a hint of woodsy musk

Birthday Cake: rich, creamy vanilla and a scrumptious cake accord.

Black Salt & Cypress: A coastal storm of sea salt air, ocean spray, misted cypress and sun bleached driftwood.

NEW Scents:

Autumn Eclipse: Top Notes: Golden Sunset Rays, Pinkberry, Bright Lemon. Middle Notes: Coconut Husk, Soft Pear, Green Melon. Base Notes: Sunwarmed Musk, Vanilla, Solar Woods

Bonfire: Notes of clove and sandalwood bring the lingering aroma of burning wood together with distinct earthy notes

Clouds in the Sky: fresh fruity citrus and sweet pineapple that blissfully blend with creamy coconut enhanced by rays of warm vanilla and cashmere that wind down with a base of woods.

Creamy Cocoa Butter: notes of milk chocolate and finishes with a whisper of sweet and creamy vanilla

Currant & Oakmoss: Top Notes: Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Zest. Middle Notes: Black Currant, Jasmine Petals, Nectarine Skin. Base Notes: Oakmoss, Sugared Amber, Patchouli

Falling for Fall: Top Notes: Crisp Apples, Red Berries, Orange. Middle Notes: Golden Nectar, Warm Clove. Base Notes: Spice Breezy Autumn Woods Accord.

Over the Moon: oranges and sweet plums giving way to a rose garden sitting on notes of pink sandalwood and plum wood

Pumpkin Praline Pancakes: freshly baked pancakes leads to notes of drizzled maple syrup, finishing with a dash of cinnamon and sugary vanilla

Santal 33 type: notes of cardamom and sandalwood with leather, earthy iris and musky ambrox.

Sugar Plums & Figs: Top Notes: Fig Leaves, Sweet Orange, Lemon Zest. Middle Notes: Damson Plum, Blackberries, Rhubarb. Base Notes: Labdanum, Candy Apple, Cedarwood

Tipsy Berry Cherry: This merlot scent begins with top notes of black cherries leading to middle notes of red wine and warm spices finishing with a base of cherrywood and white musk!

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  • Dina Kaneshiro - January 03, 2024

    Please bring back Stella type ..pleassseeeee

  • Courtney Kinneman - December 19, 2023

    Please try bath and bodywork Suede and Sandalwood!!

  • Jen - December 05, 2023

    Howis patchouli musk different than regular patchouli? Also, do you not carry or make peppermint anymore?

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