I will be returning a little early. Give me a couple days to get organized & make labels…Full shipping will resume on the 12th!! 

I will reopen around June 3rd to start taking orders for my return. 

 I will be shopping for you while I'm away!!!!

Last time I brought back some candy and a small tulip coin purse from Amsterdam....This trip I will again be shopping a little for you. I will post a picture on facebook page when I find that perfect something!! I'll post vacation pics on Facebook as well!!! 
Whatever I get will be raffled off to anyone who places an order when I reopen and till shipping resumes. (About June 5th) more info on that to come!!
Last time it was a 1 in like 60 chance!!

Thank you all for putting up with my long closures so I can live life like there is no tomorrow!!

*** there is no way for me to respond to comments here, please send me an email at I will answer all questions directly!! Thank you!!
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  • Sandy - June 28, 2024

    What does EDP mean? Unable to get 20% off order

  • Mary Jo - May 23, 2024

    Do you still sell the Dry Oil Sprays ?

  • Laurie - May 21, 2024

    When you are back can you let me know? I want some more Hair & Body spray – Egyptian musk & lemon sugar plus try some others 🩷

  • Christy Jones - April 12, 2024

    I have been wanting to friend you on FB but there isn’t an option for me? 😞 I’m the VBN lover from eBay!

  • Sandy - April 02, 2024

    Do you still sell thin spray containers Eau de Perfume

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