English Tea Rose: A delicate tea rose with nuances of green and powder

Pink Grapefruit: This seductively tangy fragrance blends fresh pink grapefruit with sweet valencia orange, mouth-watering clementine, and soft florals

Sandalwood: Fragrant grains of sandalwood are polished with the sweetness of balsamic richness. Enchanting notes of deep mahogany lie in the heart of these precious woods

Moonlight Path: Notes of French lavender, lily of the valley, oakmoss, and musk are woven in this deeply romantic fragrance capturing the essence of moonlit strolls in lush gardens

Jasmine Vanilla: Beautifully garnished silk white jasmine petals. This engaging rose fragrance comes to full bloom with creamy vanilla and classic rose

Ginger Spice: Ground ginger and white spices blended with warm vanilla

Magnolia: Golden magnolia blooms early while sweet jasmine entwined with flourishing garden rose captivates your heart.

Banana Coconut: A creamy, tropical blend of mashed banana, coconut milk, and a hint sweet star anise Not exactly as the one I carried a few years ago but close.

Banana & Floral: Jasmine and rose are brightened with sweet notes of banana, strawberry, cantaloupe, and sugary vanilla


Black Pearl: Soothing lavender and chamomile blend with touches of myrrh, olibanum and a touch of sugary sweetness. Not your typical lavender and chamomile type fragrance.

Vanillary Type: A layered vanilla fragrance with notes of blushed peony, ginger root, sandalwood, tonka bean, white lily and sugar crystals

Voice of Reason: captures the mood of a smoky nightclub. Swirls of tonka bean and sandalwood combine with rose and buddha wood to evoke the scents of espresso, whiskey and fine French cigarettes which surely filled the air


These essential oils are available now for items at no additional charge!

Headache Essential Oil Blend: A blend of crisp peppermint and cooling eucalyptus

Cedarwood Essential Oil: smells like woody cedar.

Spearmint Essential Oil: smells like spearmint gum

Patchouli Essential Oil: Starting 11/25/19 All regular patchouli items will now be made with natural patchouli essential oil!!

I do have French Lavender 40/42 essential oil, that oil is crazy expensive so is NOT available as a pick your own scent.  I have some items up for sale in the oil, If you want an item made not listed please contact me at and I will work with you on it.

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