Prices....and shipping and shortages. OH MY!

I've tried to hold off on raising prices on many items.  It's been SOOOO hard to get supplies and everything has gone up a ton.  Sometimes I can't even get the items I'm looking for!  If you see prices going up and down a few times its me trying to  figure out the best deal I can possibly offer you.  Raising prices makes me feel like I'm letting you all down! (yeah I take my job and everything so personal...)

Shipping is going up again for Oct-end of Dec.  I really don't want to raise the shipping price.  I don't offer FREE SHIPPING because then shipping would have to be figured into each items price making it more money in the long run for you. Also be aware last year after Thanksgiving, some packages were taking WEEKS to arrive the mail got so backed up.  If ordering for holidays I really would recommend doing so before Thanksgiving this year. 

However......You all know this, even the trip to the grocery store is costing us all more and more everyday! The world is crazy right now!! 

So hang on and know I am trying to keep things in stock and the best price I possible can. 

Thank you all.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you!!

Valerie Chipman

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