I’m back! And all caught up!!

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I'm attempting to take another short vacation/road trip.  My last one we got chased home after a couple days by a hurricane.  This time hubby and I are headed North to South Dakota (Mount Rushmore, Badlands Nat. Park, Deadwood... the wild wild west!!)  The estimate of return is the 15th.  

Instant Coupon will be valid until Oct 12th. I will start shipping about the 15th  Please allow a couple days for me to catch up....

THANK YOU!!!  Stay safe!!


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  • Roseann Zimmermann - October 21, 2020

    Hi. Hope you had a nice trip. I was there a few years ago. My friends parents live there and they gave us our own private tour because her dad was a tour guide!
    Anyway, I love pumpkin crunch, an old scent. If you know how to make it again, can you? Meanwhile, I would like to order another scent for now. Thanks. Take care.

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